Swim into Success: How Amanzzo’s Web Relaunch Elevated Their Sustainable Swimwear Brand

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Amanzzo is a modern ecommerce brand specialising in sustainable swimwear and resort clothing. Ahead of the brand’s relaunch in a new direction, Amanzzo Operations Manager Ruth Farrell asked us to create a fresh website optimised with a premium look, feel and performance – and of course we were happy to oblige.

The original website, while functional, wasn’t fulfilling its purpose. Ruth brought in the MAJ team of digital whizzes to overhaul the site for usability and style, adding a pinch of our characteristic pizazz into the mix.

Our brief was to refine elements of the brand and define a visual identity for the finished eCommerce website, along with taking care of technical aspects of the website’s development, like integrating an external warehousing and fulfilment system, curating charity partners and installing useful plug-ins. The overall aim was to create an appealing, easy-to-use website that would garner Amanzzo’s premium products the attention they deserve.

Discovery & Research

We kicked things off with an in-depth discovery phase, carrying out thorough research and regularly consulting with the team to get under the skin of the brand. Together, we agreed on a workable budget and set out how the new website should work, look and perform.

Next, it was on to planning. We collaborated closely with the Amanzzo team to draw up a strategy for the project; listening, offering advice and alleviating any concerns along the way. Gently but purposefully, we began to guide the Amanzzo team towards their goals.

“The perfect working relationship was struck. I trusted their expertise and guidance when required but at the same time knew that my input and own voice were understood and respected.”

Ruth Farrell, Operations Manager, Amanzzo Ltd

Based on everything we’d learned from working so closely with Amanzzo, we identified the problems with the original website, advised on solutions and agreed what should be migrated across from the old site to the new, selecting Shopify as the best platform for the website to run on.

Once we’d got our ducks into a proverbial row, the MAJ developers got busy with the build and integrated everything the client would need, before extensively testing the website to make sure it was super slick and speedy, with a premium look and feel.

Collaborative Approach

We sought input from Amanzzo on all key aspects of the project to ensure that the results delivered were always on brief and on brand.

The client told us they enjoyed being closely involved in the project and heaped praise on our approachable, adaptable and helpful team of digital MAJicians. The result, in our client’s words, is a brand spanking new website that “looks premium and functions perfectly” – we couldn’t be happier with that.

Parting words

Ruth, at the helm of Amanzzo, told us: “I am proud to promote our brand and direct consumers to our website, confident that they will be suitably impressed by our product, story and values, and can shop easily – all the things that our old website did not fulfil.”

She kindly left us these gratefully received parting words: “Keep doing what you are doing. If you make every customer feel as involved and understood as I did with the results to match you will be unsurpassed. There is a gap in the marketplace for this, whether a startup or huge conglomerate.”

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